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Islands of survival 303

Welcome to the Survival 303 RecipesCHICKEN AND FUCK JUICEEdit

g better and being updated. The new thing right now is the diamonds which I am working on right now. Hide from the storms in the game because it will decrease ur health if u are under it. The best thing to hide under a storm is a pavillion.Edit

Why there is so many shutdowns.Edit

Roblox recently released an update that made it so less data can be saved on their servers.

Some people have been having issues with dissconnects and/or crashing.

It is not the owner of survival 303's fault but indeed Roblox's fault.

Tool Recipes:Edit

212px-RobloxScreenShot01022012 125053161

This is bento (found on bento island).


Hemp: Large Leaf / Small Leaf x2

Rope: Hemp / String x2 / Stalk x2

String: Flax x2 / Rope / Stalk

Handle: Small Tree Stump / Small Bush Stump x2 / Small Stick x2

Survival 303 Mithril Area 103:46

Survival 303 Mithril Area 1

Thank funnybunnygummydummy not me. Shows where mithril is.

Medium Handle: Small Tree Stump / Small Bush Stump x2 / Small Stick x3

Large Handle: Small Tree Stump / Small Bush Stump x2 / Small Stick x4

Cut Stone: Small Rock x2

Refined Iron: "Cook or Burn" Iron

Refined Gold: "Cook or Burn" Gold

Steel Mix: Iron + Coal

Refined Steel: "Cook or Burn" Steel

Refined Mithril: "Cook or Burn" Mithril

Forge: Stone Wall x2 + Refined Iron x2 + Thatching (Tip: Forges are buildings with anvil so you can make metal things.)

Fire Starters:Edit

Survival 303 Mithril Area 213:21

Survival 303 Mithril Area 2

Again thank funnybunnygummydummy. Shows more mithril places.

Flint: Cut Stone x2

Firemaking Bows: Handle + Rope

Flint and Steel: Cut Stone + Refined Steel


Crude Rod: Handle + String

Long Rod: Medium Handle + String

Net: String x3

Water Containers:Edit

Canteen: Hemp (Tip: holds 5 water.)

Bucket: Small Bush Stump + Rope (Tip: This I helped

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